24-HOUR SUPERVISION In our residential settings, we prioritize the safety of our members with round-the-clock supervision from trained staff. Our dedicated team conducts routine bed check rounds during overnight hours to ensure a secure environment for our members.

COORDINATION OF CARE We take a proactive approach to care by scheduling all medical appointments and providing transportation to and from them. Our program managers and NVED RN collaborate with medical professionals to coordinate appointments and follow-ups. Every detail of each appointment is meticulously documented and archived in NVED medical records to ensure continuity of care.

DIETITIAN APPROVED MENUS Our commitment to holistic well-being extends to nutrition, and we contract with a licensed dietitian to craft well-balanced menus for our homes. Grocery orders and meals are aligned with the approved menu. NVED accommodates individuals with specialty diets, addressing specific needs such as sodium intake, allergic reactions, sugar intake, and liquid intake.

INDIVIDUALIZED ROOMS Respecting the privacy of our members is paramount. Each member is provided with a personal bedroom featuring a full-sized bed, TV, and dresser. Any additional accommodations or requests undergo approval processes involving guardians, case managers, NVED Management, and other support systems involved in the member’s care. This ensures that individual preferences and needs are considered and met appropriately.

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