About Us

OUR MISSION Dedicated to serving and empowering our members, our mission is to facilitate their pursuit of purpose in life and help them achieve their utmost potential. We achieve this by delivering exceptional care, mentorship, advocacy, and instilling values in the individuals we serve.

OUR VISION As an organization, team, and family, our vision revolves around creating an environment characterized by diligent, intelligent, and compassionate staff. This environment fosters independence, leading to growth and new opportunities for our members. We encourage our members to embrace a self-fulfilling life, exploring passions, enhancing interpersonal skills, spirituality, and addressing individualized needs.

We aspire to establish thriving homes that reflect our organization’s pride when presented to visiting families and friends. Our approach prioritizes a “Good Enough for Me” mentality in direct care, treating our members as cherished family members. At the core of our organization, caring is not just a practice but a deeply ingrained culture.

OUR HISTORY NVED, a Non-profit organization founded by Dr. Boyer Cross PhD in 2020, traces its roots to his early experiences caring for children with autism. Driven by a sense of purpose to serve individuals with disabilities and foster children, Dr. Boyer Cross has over 15 years of experience providing residential services in Texas and Arizona. The culmination of this journey led to the establishment of New Vision Educational Development in Glendale, Arizona.

Continuing its commitment, NVED provides a range of services in Arizona, including Residential Habilitation (DDD), Behavioral Health, and Assisted Living services. The compassion and support extended to NVED members reflect the Vega Family Vision, shaping the organization’s ethos.


  • Values: Embrace a culture of valuing every member and staff with unwavering support, respect, and dignity.
  • Empowerment: Empower every member and staff to reach their fullest potential and independence within our organization.
  • Mentors: Provide mentorship to every member and staff, helping them build and enhance their skills and address weaknesses.
  • Advocates: Advocate for every member and staff to continue growing and thriving within our organization and the community.
New Vision Educational Development