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Hello all! TLDR I'm looking for recommendations for resources to improve my writing, both overall and in grant writing.

I just started working for a nonprofit based as a Grants Writer and I'm honestly pretty stoked to really delve deep into grant writing. I accepted this position after leaving a nonprofit where I primarily worked on grant writing and reporting along with a million other duties (social media, website upkeep, coalition/campaign/advocacy work, supporting the ED, etc). I was in that position for only a few months before moving on and it was my first experience writing grants. Not sure how I managed to do this, but I snagged this Grants Writer job with limited experience and my uncle who runs his own nonprofit and has already offered to give me some grant writing work, so I'm thinking that this may be something I could reasonably pursue with some degree of success going forward in my career.

I've always excelled in writing throughout high school and college and since graduating in 2020, I've been jonesing for opportunities to further develop my writing skills. Idk, big nerd shit I guess but writing papers was and is my jam.

I'm in the training/orientation period for my new position, but I want to hit the ground running as much as I can. My writing process so far has been to ~follow the vibes~ by utilizing previous grants, standard language used throughout the organization, and writing as effectively as possible by getting the point/need across and limiting flowery language. I don't think that's super sustainable and I'm wondering if adopting a more solid method or principles would improve my writing and smooth out the whole grant writing process. I haven't actually studied writing methods or anything like that in a while so putting words to how I write/my ~process~ has been "idk i just write it and it gets approved ¯\_(ツ)_/-"

Does anyone have any resources on grammar, style, composition, etc you've found helpful? Or if you're feeling kind, any advice, tips, or pointers you'd like to share?

Thank you!!

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