Would you discuss past workplace trauma with a current manager?

Title is about it: would you?

I’m dealing with a situation right now due to a newer coworker that you could say is triggering. I came out of my last job (spanned a few years between college and 2021) with actual trauma symptoms; I have recognized some triggers that send me into an anxiety attack, but I’m always discovering a fun new facets of this. I do what I think is a good job of being a professional and bouncing back to mentally healthy-ish me, but like anyone with trauma knows, we aren’t ever really fixed, just doing better some days and not so better others.

Because it’s becoming an issue with a coworker who’s pulling similar aspects of workplace bullying I experienced at my old job, I’m having a lot of difficulty. I’ve discussed with my boss the situations this coworker is mischaracterizing and some of how she’s acted toward me, and he has my back after discussing it, but I am seriously tempted to lay it out there in as professional of terms as possible because I do genuinely want to be told if something can be improved on my end or if I’m behaving poorly because of my baggage, and I worry at times when things like this mess with my colleague come up that I am the problem. I am not the problem here, to clarify, had that confirmed with my boss after a week of ongoing anxiety attacks because he came at me with the totally wrong idea and did so poorly, as discussed in my last post (update: he apologized and acknowledged that what coworker said did not really fit).

This may be rambly. It’s hard discussing trauma in a field I love (love/hate 🥴). But I’d so appreciate some insight from my peers.

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