Working Social Miracle

Hello, we are a group of senior year students from University Malaysia Sabah Labuan International Campus (UMSLIC), recently embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to help the elderlies in Pusat Kebajikan Orang-Orang Tua Seri Orkid, Johor Bahru. Seri Orkid currently hosts a total of 43 senior living. Our crowdfunding project aims to lessen the post-Covid-19 financial burden of the nursing home, and get the caretakers back on their feet after the darkest times of their lives and gives them the encouragement to continue and survive. Our crowdfunding focuses on assisting the elderly in Seri Orkid with basic needs. In short, the 'Working Social Miracle' campaign was designed after implemented with the Pusat Kebajikan Orang-Orang Tua Seri Orkid in mind. We hope to encourage a return to traditional moral values and general social concerns through this fundraising campaign, with your donation, we can make this happen!

For more information, please follow our campaign on our kitafund page
Here to the gateway to our crowdfunding landing page

Thank you!

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