why do CEOs make so much money?

Ok I make $18/hr ($35,000). I will be graduating with a masters in public administration in December.

(Also I might add that an entry level McDonalds position in my area pays $17)

My CEO makes $55/hr (110,000/year) and had a masters from University of Pheonix (is that not a scam university or am i just really misinformed?) But no PHd or other higher education.

I mean this is a respectful way but what the heck do CEOs do that warrant them making so much?? My CEO told me her main job is to write grants and especially look for funding opportunities. We have a Development Officer that does the same thing.

She openly says she does not encourage wage transparency. I'm frustrated because many of my coworkers feel that a wage increase is necessary but the CEO is not advocating for that change at all during board meetings. I find it extremely unethical that this person is not advocating for her employees wages when she makes $30,000 more than the next highest paid employee.

Also, when I do finish my masters degree, what is a realistic raise to ask for? I do so much for this organization, a lot of on the ground work and policy advocacy. I don't see how her role is so more important that anyone else in the organization that she makes 4x more than me.

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