Why am I unsuccessful at raising money?

I've tried in so many ways, including having a facebook page and having a team which was difficult to do (they ended up leaving) and still I don't manage. I have friends who have managed to get hundreds of dollars and sometimes few thoudands. Some have created a fb group and some just post on their own personal fb and people give.

I've tried reading into all the "do's" and "donts" and although embarassed I asked for advice from friends and it doesn't work. Not sure whaat I'm doing wrong and it drives me nuts because it is a big goal of mine to start a non profit but with all the bad experience I've had It makes me question myself and feel like a failure. I'm trying to not think of it but it has impacted me really bad.

Before I thought I couldn't be impacted to the degree that I feel like a failure because thats very far from my personality. I'm not a person who feels that way but with this I guess it means a lot to me.

I no longer want to fundraise because it feels as if I'm embarrassing myself every time with the 0 dollars on Facebook among people who know me .

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