Whose responsibility is budgeting?

Hi! Looking for advice on how to manage our budgeting process.

I'm the treasurer for a small non-profit. Last fiscal year we had a 80k budget, this past year we had a 150k budget, and next year we'll have a ~300k budget. Until last month, the only full time employee was our founding director. We recently hired another co-director, but neither of them have experience in creating or management budgets. We do bookkeeping through Jitasa ($500 / month), who does bill pay and monthly close (reconciliation) in Quickbooks.

I have some experience in corporate finance but none in non-profit board work or finance. No one on the board has deep experience in budgeting, and although I can hack together one, we're getting to the stage where I really think we need someone with actual experience. I have suggested hiring a part time controller via https://www.yptc.com/ which would cost 1200-2000 / month. We could even only hire them for a 2-3 month period to do the FY23 budgeting process with our directors, do an audit of our current system, and clear up what the directors and what the board should do on how to manage a budget.

I've proposed this, but our director says that the board is responsible for the budget, and that she's never heard of an organization of our size hiring controller support.

Is she right? Is the board typically the ones who do the financial planning?

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