When to give two weeks notice after a PIP?

A few months back I received a PIP without verbal or written warning from my supervisor. From my perspective and everything I read, this meant I was out in 90 days and there was no coming back from this. I decided I would finish out my 90 days then take some time to recover from burnout (preferably on the beach with my husband) before finding a new job and going back to school. Turns out I did awesome over these past 90 days and I got unofficial verbal confirmation that I’m not going anywhere. Problem is that I still want to give my two weeks for this job and I am not sure when the appropriate time is now that my review is coming up.

My official review for the PIP is next week. Should I talk to my supervisor then about my position with the organization and let him know I will be submitting my two weeks or wait until after the review to give my notice? To me, it seems like the appropriate time to discuss me not staying with the organization but it sounds like that is in bad taste. Also important to note that I work for a small nonprofit and my supervisor is also head of the HR department.

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