What’s the real deal with being possessive of fundraiser themes?

Summary: we have a themed gala. Another nonprofit has decided to host a a gala this year with a similarish theme. I spoke to their ED and it's a one time themed event as their gala theme changes every year. We had a great Convo and I shared my support for them but I'm worried my board is going to be upset. Here's my issue, maybe I'm naive- we don't own the theme and we haven't used it in two years due to COVID. We also have virtually the same donors. Why can't we just put out a supportive statement and say see you at our event next year? I feel like demonstrating our support and good EQ is better than being petty and telling my fellow peer in the field that I don't like what she's doing. I just don't see the need to compete in this way but I've only been doing this for four years…so what do I know? Help!

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