What nonprofit stories inspire you?

It’s a difficult world the nonprofit space and I often look to examples of organisations starting with absolutely nothing but thriving because they had a good vision and who weren’t driven by ego alone.

I often think of Douglas Macmillan, who started his charity with just £10 as he didn’t want to see others suffer from cancer like his father did. He wanted to see homes for cancer patients in which they would be cared for by voluntary nurses. At the time there was nothing for those who suffered.

Of course, that charity is now Macmillan Cancer Support with a revenue of £214 million and is one of the biggest cancer charities in the world.

I love this story, as it is someone identified a problem and a solution and started with hardly anything, yet the charity thrived on the idea alone.

This is different to someone who enters the NGO space because of some saviour complex, which is still commonly seen today all over the place.

What stories inspire you?

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