What benefits does your organization offer full time paid employees?

I’m the shelter manager for a small non-profit animal shelter and I’m planning to go to our board of directors and advocate for improved employee benefits.

I would love to know what benefits your organization offers paid employees, and what size organization it is.

Like most we are having a difficult time finding AND retaining employees. It’s a labor intense and emotionally draining job, and we can hardly compete with local fast food places in terms of pay. I make more delivering food at my side gig than our staring employees do.

We currently offer; 1 week paid vacation, I’ve been their 9 years and only receive 2 weeks 6 paid holidays A discount program for pet supplies, where staff can purchase them at cost A small monthly health stipend (New)

I’m considering asking for 1. Sick Time 2. Vacation time increases, especially as time with organization increases 3. Parental Leave 4. More paid holidays 5. An action plan to be able to offer retirement plans 6. Bring your pet to work days (for office staff)

We’re a small organization with 10 paid positions, and starting salary is only $12/hr, which is a new increase itself, used to be $10/hr. I want to find additional perks for our staff to help retain them, outside of the moderate yearly raises,

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