What are your thoughts about going back to school for a Masters in Philanthropy?

I am new to the NP world having just entered into it 19 months ago. However; due to a series of luck and talent I landed an incredible job as the Director of Development. We are a small organization but we are 67 years old with deep ties in the community. I am the only development person and handle literally all aspects of fundraising. I’m making great connections and my ED is constantly saying I am the best development person the organization has had. I’m new at this, but I’m good at it.

I’m currently working my way towards my CFRE, and have also received several professional development certifications in areas of personal interest as well as professional need.

I am debating going back to school (online only) for a masters in philanthropy. What are pros/cons from your POV in doing this? I’m learning so much on the job, and wonder how much a masters would help (or not) in future career opportunities.

And a follow up: if you have recommendations for an online program – either in philanthropy or another area that is useful to np leadership please let me know.


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