What are things to consider when it comes to using pictures of people who likely didn’t explicitly consent to be photographed? (In course of NGO ops, context in post)

My dad has been doing work in several East African countries since the 80s. I started working with him and his nonprofit recently, and right now I'm going through his backlog of pictures, files, etc that've accumulated dust for some time. The idea is that we'll use some of these pics for campaigns, website stuff, etc. Pics of rural African kids get donations, of course. We're already slated to drill another 100 wells, these pics might help us get another 100 funded.

But…none of these people consented. I'm quite sure. They weren't opposed to having pics taken, but neither were they informed, to my knowledge. No one went through with forms or waivers or whatever "Your image may be used in marketing" etc.

So, I have a couple questions: 1) What are the legalities here? I don't even know what words to use for googling this. 2) Ethics? If we don't use them we'll be stuck with crappy free stock photos. If we use them…I mean, I don't think it'll affect these people whatsoever. I'm pretty confident none of them would care so long as we aren't using them to profit, etc (actually doing what we're supposed to be doing).

I'm new to such considerations and will appreciate some input. Much appreciated.

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