What are the requirements around a government funded Foundation administering a grants? Are there any restrictions on Foundation ‘punishing’ a Local Organization that questioned things by ending their relationship/all access to all grants that the Foundation administers?

I am working with a Foundation and feel like they are not doing something right. They are administrating a multi million dollar grant to Local Organizations that provides programming for local seniors. The idea is to supplement the Dept of Aging by using volunteers staff or privatization of services. Some are larger and have paid staff but still 90% is probably volunteer.

The organization has a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the local city government. Through this PPP organization, they have programming to help the Local Organization connect with senior centers, NORCS etc in the area, along with local politicians, and basically construct the local organization.

One of the local organizations had a disagreement with the PPP organization, so the PPP that the foundation has with the city. The conversation was about the programming and the lack of services that should be provided. The manager for the area is new and made a lot of errors that have had a negative impact on the Local Organization The leadership from the Foundation/PPP organization did not take criticism well. They cancelled all relationships with the Foundation, not just with the PPP. There was no profanity or threats in the email just consistent affirmation that they are getting a raw deal.

Af the momsnt, there is a grant that the Local Organization could in theory apply for, as it does not require a relationship with PPP. Others require having a working relationship where there is coordination with PPP managers about the Local Organizations programs. Because of the questions and criticism about the programming of the PPP, and questions about the Foundations fiscal sponsorship program, they are not applicable for the new grant.

From what I can tell, this may be unethical at best and unlawful. In NY there are no laws for Public Private Partnerships in general. The restricting of funding to grpups that would be applicable, but were blacklisted for questioning the actions of public employees (these PPP employees are paid by the city). This is harming the senior programming in their area further than the lack of assistanxe from the manager. In addition they recieve funding from the government as their 2nd highest funder. I do not know if they are allowed to decide who they provide funding for in such a way, the programming that is being provided is successful. The community loves it. Having funding from the government, not only for their staffing but also soliciated by Other Local Organizations for their specific programming.

If there is any more information that can help or other examples of similar things please let me know. Thank you.

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