We are a Non-Profit (122 years old) seeking young, idealists to join our reformatted Board of Directors!

I am a member (of 30 years) and a board member (of 12 years) of the Workmen's Circle of Ohio, a 122 year-old, non-profit, secular Jewish organization that actively promotes Yiddish culture, social action and the preservation of Jewish arts, music and culture.

For over a century, our organization has had a large impact on secular Jewish circles around our country and our Ohio branch is one of 3 still remaining. We are strong and passionate, and looking for new faces and new ideas to help us to continue to grow in modern times.

The pandemic has allowed us to restructure our programing and our Board of Directors in a way that allows for a much further reach and influence of those seeking a place where they belong; within a circle of secular Jews passionate about social justice, arts, music and culture. We want to expand to be a global team!

If you're interested in learning more and/or becoming a part of our board and/or one of our amazing committees, please let me know. We would love to hear from you. No matter where you're from. Together we can do amazing things.

Message me here and I will be happy to chat with you 🙂

Thanks so much.


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