VP/Board Member quit bc we do not have insurance

I am furious with him for how he handled it. Generic email. Generic phone call voice mail. No we do not have an event tmrw. There is no rush. We are 1 year old organization and it has been work getting the 200 on email list and routine events with 25 people. During covid.

I am afraid it will be harder to fundraiser and get people on board to help lead now, precedent has been set to jump ship. That it is unsafe to do this.

And this his VP, he did work he wanted to. Not what I have asked him for help with. Zero help fundraising. So now I have to his history figure out do I follow his habits or do what I want bc he made clean I am now the one responsible for liability etc. A hint of a problem or communication about it would have been nice. I do not think I can or should trust him. The insurance has been on all our lists and just a oh well we have a waiver and just nothing negligent, be safe etc etc… smh. His lack of commitment meant a lot has fallen on me while I try to bring him experts and cool folks to learn from. Even after next reimbursement I am going to be out 200 still. After trying fundraising shirts and plain old requests for donations. Bc I am only one doing it… Have funds for a specific project coming in, going to spend that down quick to have it over with.

Edit – we are a small environmental organization $3,500 in revenue about. Most marked for plant purchasing from crowdsource funds… 4 on board now, 2 active members… other funds go to website, email communications and po box. Feel like it is too much there but not everyone has Facebook.. and websites need addresses plus once we do incorporate. I am in over my head. Enjoy the ride enough of the time…

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