Vetting a New Hire-How far to delve

Hello all,

So for directors or HR persons out there or anyone else who know…

I volunteer for a NFP agency that I love. We are in the process of hiring an accountant to work under our CFO. The last one we hired was incompetent and he actually told me he went into the field because his mom wanted him to have a secure future-but he hates it. We had to let him go.

We want to run "FULL" background checks, but they are very very expensive and we are recovering from the pandemic slump.

What is your protocol for filling a position like this? How deep do you go on background checks? Like do you certify their educational credentials and beyond? i.e. HS graduates etc.

We can run some check for free-criminal, driving records etc., but we are on the fence as to what our policy should be.

We have one great candidate, and references are glowing.

Should we just go with our gut and just check employment references.

Would appreciate your feedback.


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