Two-part advice: Internal vs External candidates; Program to Membership switch

Hey Everyone! I have the exciting opportunity to apply for a high-level membership position in my org after having a lot of success as a program person the last few years. This is a crucial role in a pivitol time (COVID duh), and they are definitely going to do a BIG national search for the best candidate. Here is the advice I would like to solicit, and I will hang around the next day to answer questions to try to get as much insight as possible.

1.) SOME, not all, C-Suite are convinced an outside candidate is needed to shake things up, change the culture, and bring fresh ideas. How can I, an internal candidate (albeit not in membership directly) convince them I can be just as impactful?

2.) I have built a great reputation in my department and gone from new up-and-comer to important leader in this offering within 2 years. I know my strengths translate well to membership, but how can I quickly and decisively convince the hiring committee who only know me by reputation that membership will not be a difficult learning curve.

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