Timeline for Quitting Ops/Finance Job

I took a role as a Finance & Ops Manager in NYC in November. During negotiations the company came in under asking. I have now been at the company for 6 months and have met my job goals for the first two quarters and completed last years audit.

I am also taking on extra work by chair two internal committees, coordinating an office move, and helping readjust our compensation policy with external consultants.

One reasons I’m concerned about staying is that they’ve requested that I build financial tools for finance and the development team, and I feel like that’s outside my pay range. I’m also reluctant because I received a quote for this work and consultants would charge around $30k for this.

I have asked about what additional compensation will look like this year since I will be graduating a have 10 years of experience. My boss has mentioned that there will likely be no raise for my position until 2023, and I know that there will be no COLA, merit increase, or retirement match this year.

Should I start looking for new job now, or should I wait until December when I graduate. Or should I can take on a better job now and just balance the last two classes with a new job? (I have a few leads in the $72k+ range, just thinking about timing.)

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