Set up recurring donations on PayPal Giving Fund?

I was looking at charities on PayPal Giving Fund. Is there a way for me to make a recurring donation? Does it just depend on the particular charity and what they have set up? Am I missing something obvious?

  • Why do I care about PayPal Giving Fund? Answer: Because so far it seems like the only charity payment processor that charges no fee and includes a lot of the charities I usually give to or think about. If you can give me another one, that would be awesome.
  • Why do I think that it might be possible? Because PayPal offers a similar service in another context. I think this is maybe about them providing infrastructure to other sites so they can build their own recurring payment system, but I'm not sure. However, that service seems to come with fees.
  • Why do I think that it might not be possible? Well a) because I don't see the option pop up when I go to donate, and b) because the description of the free service references a fee-based service for recurring payments. (Why would they have both a free and fee service for the same thing?) Also because c) this one particular charity (issuevoter dot org, not sure who they are, not an endorsement) tells me to go to their webpage to do a recurring donation.

Hopefully this is not seen as promotional or a petition. If so, I will repost without links.

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