Sell me your house for 1$

Looking for someone to sell me a 3 to 4 bedroom house with basement to use as headquarters for my non-profit organization EYE DEZYN to test and run our program called Operation Homecomeing where we operate a pet shelter homing dogs and cats with homeless people in a bed and breakfast style living space where they feel welcome and comfortable with a new family who gives them real love while we treat their drug addiction with love. (Im dead serious) Being a non-profit organization means I can house and employ these homeless people tax free and integrate them back into society with family and a reason to live. I have plans for plans and redundancies for redundancy but this is my life long dream and I am putting everything I can into it. Please someone sell me a house for a 1 preferably in a city so my clients can walk to other jobs and get back on their feet without having to drive. I want to bring in a dedicated mental health professional and a cook as well unless you can fill these positions then I will gladly let you live with us for free! Plus I will give you a seat on my board of directors so you can ensure we are using the property as desired.

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