Saveine Kentucky

Casting Call

We have a. Documentary of Kentucky poor and needy and the floods of Ky and from Tn that lost it all and need your help to give them a chance before they lose more than homes and food ..


If you could send my partner a self video to show who you are what you do and you care for the ones in Nashville Tn and Ky and show that you support them and the ones that's loved us all that's supports you in your business or entertainment .

.We ask you for a video file about the floods in Kentucky and ​tornado in Tennessee and sent us a video to support to Ky and Tn ..send To @ [](

we are doing a documentary and we love to have you on it with the video. to rebuild homes.

and I please ask you to share this with all your connections and show the love and support the Poor and Needy and all that lost homes and jobs

Go hear to this link and me and my partner producer will go though them put name and skills you have and what kind of jobs you do if you like to be on documentary to help Ky and Tn ..

With the documentary you have a chance to be on a Movie as we help the poor and needy and rebuild a small town in KY and Homes .

.We need your skills in farming carpenter and Construction and food and restaurant and BBQ .ect

. The food network will be doing competition for new business new company owners

and maybe YOU can Win A New company business of a food line From the makers of DebbieWood

and log cabin in resort of your very own

.With new Fun park will have a concert afterwards with the Country Music Association and rock roll rhythm and blues with Co/host Elizabeth Presley

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