Salary as a Visual Artist Working In a Non Profit


I've been recently contacted by a non-profit to work as a Visual Artist. They are less than a year old – just starting.

I've worked as a freelancer and volunteer (a lot), but never for a non-profit.

I've had few talks already with the director, and we seem to get along, and share the same passion for the mission which is very inspiring.

They have asked for my budget expectations, but haven't given me their design budget yet. But they have mentioned few things like:

– When working in 'x' projects, we'll talk to 'x' organizations for funding and a percentage of that funding will be going towards the design field (me).

– How much commission do I want to get from merchandise (Item sold) and how much do I want to donate?

I would like to see if anyone could answer some questions before the second interview:

  • Should I ask for a contract or work as freelancer?
  • I'd rather work with a contract, how should I approach it?
  • How much money should I ask for as a professional in the field (7 years experience) if I've been asked to be in charge of campaign illustrations, merchandise and possibly product design?
  • What are the benefits of getting contacted by a non-profit rather than contacting them? And what should I 'take advantage' of from the opportunity?

Thank you so much

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