[Request] Securing Grants and Staff Salary Best Practices

Hi there, I'm just hoping to learn more about best practices for something I have little experience in. I tried to give the short version below, so thanks for reading, as the details are important. Recently, I secured a number of grants for my organization (a small nonprofit where I've been working for 2.5 years now). I'm trying to determine how to approach my boss and our board for a significant raise. I'm senior staff, though we are a staff of 3-4, and was brought on at a steep discount. Last year my salary was raised a significant amount due to inflation, cost of living, my contributions and value to the organization, grants brought in, etc. I would be up again for another raise (if you believe in waiting every 12 months) in October. In the last 6 months I've brought in a number of grants that more than doubled our organizations operating budget for this year and makes us more sustainable for years to come. This is the biggest influx in funds my organization has seen in decades. I should mention, this didn't come easily – I've been volunteering dozens of hours of overtime outside of my normal – about 50-60 hours per week – weekly hours works over the last few months.

I feel guilty (part of nonprofit culture and "the way things have always been done") asking for a raise before what some would consider the "proper time," but I'm wondering if there's an approach anyone here has taken to ask for a raise immediately after they've secured a lot of funding for an organization. Because of the grants I've brought in, we are bringing on new senior staff at an increased rate (we altered a job description that was circulating with a lower salary), we are promoting junior staff, and so far, I'm the only one who hasn't seen immediate financial gain. I will also be taking up additional duties to make sure these grants are executed on – something we discussed contracting out, but have pivoted away from.

My options are to wait until October to ask for a raise which I'll likely get, or ask for a raise effective immediately, knowing it'll make waves with some of my board who are very old school/traditional. Any suggestions for asking for and getting a raise immediately while minimizing blowback? Am I being unreasonable?

Thank you all!

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