Reimbursing board members auestion

If a board member pays for organization expenses using their personal credit card and they received cash back from their credit card company for these purchases, can the organization deduct that amount from the reimbursement? Or is that petty? I am doing everything in my power to prevent board members from having to use their own money/credit cards to purchase items for the organization this year & then get reimbursed. Our organization can more than afford to purchase uniforms and equipment for our upcoming season but we only have 1 debit card that I am in possession of & I don’t want to allow board members to use it. I am more than willing to contact the bank to get our daily limit raised and then order about $10k worth of stuff when the time comes. I suspect the cheer director will push back because she prefers to control every aspect of that program and I’m prepared to deal with that but in the event we do have to allow her to purchase her cheer stuff on her credit card and then get reimbursed, I am within my rights to deduct the cash back she got from her credit card correct? I have some of her receipts from last year before the organization had a treasurer/CFO (me) and I can see that every time she used her CC to buy uniforms and equipment, she was getting $10-$20 cash back from her credit card. My President and VP will support me on this but I just want to make sure I’m not being a petty a-hole here. According to what she’s charging for cheer uniforms and the number of kids signed up, she’ll be spending $40k minimum on uniforms and equipment. Her cash back is least 2% which is $800 if she is allowed to purchase and get reimbursed by us (again I am hoping we can completely avoid that happening). It doesn’t seem right that a board member can profit off us like that. We are about to start ordering everything and I’d like to know if others have experienced this and if they reimbursed the full amount?

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