Really need your input re: designing a program for nonprofits in Latin America.

Hi all!

I work independently as a fundraiser in Latin America, and I see that there's a lot of inequality among organizations when it comes to fundraising: Usually, the ones that are aware of and participate in grant-making processes, and that even have someone in charge of fundraising, are the most privileged ones. The smaller nonprofits don't even take part in grant making processes for several reasons, like not having the bilingual staff needed for the international grants, not having enough personnel or not having anyone formally in charge of fundraising. As a result, they mostly stick to personal and corporate donations.

Now, I recognize that by working with the larger, more privileged nonprofits, I'm contributing to this gap, and I'd like to make up for it by helping as many smaller organizations as I can. For this, I'm trying to design a course or program where I teach these smaller nonprofits as much as I can about advanced fundraising (everyone talks about the basics or really obsolete stuff) in 6 sessions or 6 weeks. I've tested out the idea and I've had lots of interest, but I want to make sure I'm delivering the goods.

Here's where I need your help, because I've been overthinking this so much that I'm missing the forest for the trees. You're mostly from the US, or from countries where most of the grants come from. You're used to the process, you know what they look for. Your input on this would be priceless and much appreciated 🙂

What are some things you would teach a nonprofit that is stuck in their ways but would like to improve? So far I've come up with…

– Due diligence: international donors will google them, so we'd do a self-evaluation of their online presence, if they're using different logos everywhere, if their website has walls of text, if they even have a website, etc.

– Diversifying their donation sources, based on whether their programs are welfare or assistance-based or if they're prevention-based. Many do not even think about where they land on this scale.

– Some case studies of nonprofits that have had to close down and the possible reasons as to why. Common mistakes, etc.

– Interactions with their donors

– A small glossary of commonly used grant lingo in English. I can't teach them all English, but maybe I can explain what "overhead" means. Things like that.

What do you think? Any other ideas?

The nonprofits that could sign up are a mixed bag. I want to make sure I give them things they can implement and feel confident in no matter if they're a small nonprofit or one of the more privileged ones.

I really really appreciate your thoughts and hope to help you out as much as I can as a thank you 🙂

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