RANT: Committee chairman hellbent on causing problems

I'm the EVP of a small nonprofit focused on political advocacy work. We have a policy committee chairman who seems absolutley intent on dividing the organization. He constantly questions the board's leadership and drains staff time for his own personal crusades.

I have had more than one conversation with my president and vice president on how to handle the matter. They are not too excited about confronting him, but have said that they will soon (not soon enough by my standards!).

In the meantime, the chairman is recruiting folks into joining "his side." It's putting a huge rift in the governance of our organization.

Our bylaws offer no explicit recourse for this sort of situation unfortunately, so we are stuck with creating our own precendent.

Just here to vent/rant/commiserate with other nonprofit leaders. I'd welcome your own stories of handling a disgruntled member of leadership!

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