RaiserEdgeNXT extremely slow importing data?

recently tasked with troubleshooting this piece of software in our company. Our staff reports its extremely slow in importing data and they cant get any work done. They also mention that as more staff gets on its even slower. This is on random days off and on sometimes no problems and sometimes yes

networking team have taken a look determined that its not a networking problem traceroute, and etc all looks good, we have a dedicated dual 1gig fiber connection to just that floor. nothing on the firewall is blocked. The vendor says its on our side as they have no problems accessing our stuff with blazing speeds

From my own research I can see that Citrix Workspace RE NXT uses just hosts the app and streams over that graphical data over the internet. if its processing slow after our staff imports some data then the server on their end should be the problem as citrix workspace is just the graphical stream to our isp. this seems similar to AWS workspace and etc Azure Virtual desktop but instead of a full desktop its an app being stream? is that correct

If anyone have advice on where to start to troubleshoot

Thanks any advice or help is welcome

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