Quit a toxic nonprofit after 3 years

A cheerful mission

A hellhole office

Full of people that tolerate being talked to like they are worthless

By a director who overstepped in every possible way.

Where walking on eggshells is normalized.

Where HR is nonexistent.

Goodbye intrusive 11pm phone calls

Goodbye to being publicly shamed and humiliated

Goodbye to irrelevant emails that sucked time out of my weekends

Goodbye to budget cut threats

Goodbye to receiving threatening messages to omit data while I deliver accurate data in meetings.

Goodbye to inheriting the responsibilities of four people.

Sometimes paychecks keep you in a place that you know is not safe.

Nonprofits are great places to work when they are managed well and when HR exists.

If it doesn't, leave.

My new job is wonderful, but I am still getting used to being treated right after years of being treated so wrong.

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