question on board members, animal nonprofit

Is there an ideal standard for transparency or communication when it comes to board members?

For nonprofits in general and/or animal rescue ones.

I'm currently involved in an organization that to my knowledge has no board access to volunteers to voice concerns. Throughout various areas, paid or not, people share the same view on upper management. But there's little to no information on the board or access to them.

I've heard some places have this available and/or even allow people to attend the meetings.

I would not even feel comfortable asking or dancing around the mere mention of communicating with board members to anyone at the organization, especially management.

I think I'd actually risk being told not to ever come back.

Turnover is happening in various areas whether paid or unpaid, but also people with a lot of experience and great to work with. Some with decades at this place.

I don't think I've heard of anyone that hasn't pointed to the same specific person as part of their reasoning for leaving, or their reasoning of whether they would come back.

I would sincerely appreciate your help, I hope everyone that has left finds better but they really helped far more than they were appreciated or respected and I understand and respect their choice to do what's best for them.

I figure at the very least I should try this before ever attempting to jump ship.

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