Question, obtaining income information on small non-profits filing 990ns

I am working on an issue of equity within a school district and that includes looking at private funding given to schools by PTAs which are 501(3)(c)s. We can pull 990s for affluent schools and find their income (with a lot of work, because they are difficult to find without an EIN). But we are unable to directly pull income information for those schools filing 990ns, (and their income can range from <$1000 a year to $50,000) In order to get a full picture, we need this information as well. It will illustrate the discrepancies where some elementary schools raise $2,000 and others raise $400,000+.

Are non-profits obliged by law to make their actual income public upon request even if they file 990ns? When/if I ask them directly I anticipate that the guidance they will receive from above is that this is privileged information, and not to share it, because the reason I am asking about it is a hot button issue here (equity in private funding). Thanks for any advice.

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