Question about fundraising expenses & profit

Hi, I have previously posted about my non-profit youth sports organization and how we underwent a complete reorganization after embezzlement. I need a little help regarding our QuickBooks bookkeeping and our most recent fundraiser. We recently partnered with a local pizzeria to sell pizza coupons. The coupons were provided by the pizzeria to be sold for $20 and we split the cost with the pizzeria so for every coupon sold we give the pizzeria $10 and the remaining $10 stays with the organization. These cards were given out to our parents to sell in order to raise funds for their children’s program registration fees. My first question is, we have to cut a check to the pizzeria for their half of the proceeds. In QuickBooks we categorize that as a “fundraising expense” right? Now for my second question. We have pizza coupons that were given to parents that have not been returned to us or paid for. Because of the contract we have with the pizza place, we have to pay the pizzeria for those coupons at $20 a pop. How do I account for that in QuickBooks? Is it also a fundraising expense? we have collected $15,860 from our parents. After turning in the unsold tickets that the parents gave back to us, the pizza place says we sold $18,000 worth of coupons and we owe them $18000. The person in charge of the fundraiser says there are parents who haven’t turned in money or unsold coupons and we have to pay the pizzeria for those coupons. So thats 107 outstanding coupons that are going to cost us $2,140! How do I categorize that in QuickBooks? We are taking a loss, correct?

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