Question about best pricing structure for shirts

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We are a nonprofit for a local community. I used taproot (thank you to r/nonprofit for suggestion!) And have a rad image for a shirt from an MFA student. It is 5 colors, so that is a lot for screens of ink and pricing for future. 6 screens total, with the back.

We are selling these at a grand opening event and maybe after as a second run if it goes well.

But it is a rad design and this company let's you keep screens so a savng of $35 a screen for initiql plus. They also are donating the screens, the time alone the ink. So what would be like $25 shirts are $5. Future ones without the donatin of labor and ink would be $12.50 about.

So I also wondering how to price them. My first thought is $30 dollars and then 2 for $50.

Would it be better to price to keep it lower to get more people to purchase them? I see similar organization's with shirts for $20 that have no fancy design on front and only one color. I would rather not do it that low as we will want to do a simple design in the future and can mess up the market…

I am in a major city and well off area- but unsure if we are setting a standard for future that we can't then keep up. Or if we are charging too much and should make it $25 a shirt to get more out there.

Thank you for your time and any advice

TLDR – wondering the best price to set for a shirt that would be expensive if not for sponsor and could set a standard about the price and design level, which we won't be able to keep up with.

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