Qualified team building a tech platform, but we don’t know where to find board members.

Hi everyone,

I'm a project manager and product designer working with a developer and another team member and we're building a "social network/project management" tool for social change. I'm not here looking for a critique of the project, or to promote at all, but instead I'm looking to connect with people who would be well-suited to advise as board members, or at least advise on where to find said people.

We're capable of bringing a product to market, and communicating our offerings, though the structure behind a non-profit is largely unknown territory for us. Most people in our circles have little non-profit experience, and those that do aren't often well-equipped to advise on the organizational/operational level.

In order to form a 501-C4 I believe we need at least 3 board members, and we'd looking for a couple main roles to start:

  1. President – Someone with previous/current non-profit experience (larger organizations/technology nonprofits especially).
  2. Secretary – Someone to keep track of minutes, record discussions and votes, etc.
  3. Treasurer – Someone with accounting and financial experience, especially in regards to the 501-C4 structure.

It's possible (and honestly, quite likely) that I'm not well-informed about what I need in order to for the organization. If that's the case, correction and insight would be greatly appreciated.

I'd be interested in any advice that can be provided, and would be happy to schedule a time to talk.

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