Pursuing a career in nonprofit work after college?

Hello y’all! I’m in my final year in the sociology master’s program at my uni which means graduation is coming very soon in Spring 2022 for me. I’m wondering if my plan is unrealistic or if I’m just psyching myself out. I really want to work in nonprofits, but I don’t have any job experiences outside of volunteer work I did pre-COVID times if that counts and I don’t have any specialized training of sorts.

Once I graduate from college, will it be realistic for me to apply to an entry level job and receive training on the job? Or am I most likely looking at volunteering with an organization to get my name out there and meet people with potential future opportunities? I’m being told by my mentors who aren’t quite in the npo field that no one expects someone fresh from college to know how to do everything and that I’ll receive training, so I’ll be fine but I keep worrying if this is the case.

Thank you for reading and I’d appreciate any advice you may have to help alleviate some of this grad student’s worries!

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