Professional Development Courses on Schmoozing?

Hi, all! This is my first person this subreddit, so please let me know if this topic is not appropriate to /nonprofit.

I wanted to know if anybody knows any courses they can recommend on effectively engaging donors and other guests at your nonprofit events. To give some background, I am a junior level staff of a development department. We recently held a very casual event in a restaurant for our junior board, as well as their guests. In my role, I work a lot with our board directly, but not so much our junior board or would-be donors.

I don't feel like I was that effective (or comfortable for that matter) talking with people at the event, and for the most part gravitated to the few guests I mostly already knew and had good relationships with. Another staff, who attended and felt similarly, suggested the organization find a course on schmoozing we could take to prepare us for these sort of events. Do those exist? Any you can recommend?

Thank you!

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