(Potentially) Closing a non-profit in the US and restarting it in the EU… any possibility to claim continuity from the point of view of financials?

Hi all — as title says, we are considering to transfer our presence into an EU country and, for that, we likely plan to cease the 503(c) in the US and just start a new non-profit there, same board and same people.

My fear of choosing this path, however, is that we might lose all the history of work done, both in terms of activities and financial performance. Many donors and grants (or even membership to region-wide platforms) require to share reviewed financials of the previous 2-3 years. I assume it is not possible to say to them that "we used to be a US-based org, here are our previous financials, now we started anew in EU". Same when showcasing previous work as the US-based org — our activities are international, not taking place inside the US anyway — but I'm not sure if we can claim that previous work for the new EU-based org.

Does anybody have any experience on doing this move? Or on whether there is a possibility to claim continuity? Thanks!

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