Planned Giving Sites

I work for a pretty large nonprofit (~100 employees, almost $20 million budget).

I’ve been the “support person” on our development team for planned/legacy giving. A major gift officer manages all the relationships with identified legacy donors, and she oversees the communications we sent out, etc. But I do the “behind the scenes” work to get materials published, record donor commitments in our database, make updates to the website, that kind of thing.

We have a contract with Stelter, which does the major lifting for us in terms of setting up a standalone web site, sending out planned giving guides to people who request more information, providing us with marketing resources to share with donors, etc.

But we’re kind of questioning the return on investment for that contract. On the one hand, we have been getting a number of legacy commitments every year—somewhere in the range of ten per year.

On the other hand, it feels like the amount of money we spend on it when we have internal resources (like a large development team and a dedicated communications team) that could do a lot of the same work is maybe not the best investment.

Do other people have experience with this kind of contracted planned giving website service? What are things you did to get the best “bang for your buck” out of that contract?

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