Overwhelmed and confused — what do I do?

Hi everyone. I just found this subreddit and I wish I had found it sooner. I’m the ED at a small non-profit. We were started in early 2021, and I joined as part-time Executive Assistant in May of last year. In January, I was promoted to ED. There are two employees: myself and the founder/CEO, and a BoD with 7 members.

This is my first non-profit job. Before this, I was a campaign manager for a state congressional election. Before that, and for most of my life, I was in restaurants – first as a line cook, then sous/exec chef. I’ve known from the get-go that I’m incredibly inexperienced and have a big learning curve to overcome, and I have severe ADHD that I’m taking medication and weekly coaching for, on top of bouts of grief and depression.

Even so — I wonder how much of my stress and anxiety is caused by inexperience and ADHD, and how much of it is caused by unrealistic expectations?

We’ve raised about $500,000, and we need to raise another $750K this year. A big part of my job is finding leads and doing donor research. I’m also doing graphic design, social media, communications, donor management, bookkeeping and accounting, scheduling and calendar management for the CEO, event planning and management, web design, grant research, meeting notes & minutes… I’m sure I’ve missed a few things. Scheduling meetings and managing calendars and background research alone takes up 10 hours per week.

I feel like there is no time in the day for me to do it all, and I’m about to be replaced as ED.

Maybe that’s for the best, but a part of me is just feeling wholly unsupported. I’m learning as I go, have spent a long time without much direction, and I’m feeling like a bit of a failure.

If you’re in a small organization and have a similar list of duties to me…how the heck do you do it? Am I crazy for feeling in over my head? What are your tools and tips for staying on top of it all?

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