Our Logo is Being Used by Someone Else

I'm the sole employee of a tiny nonprofit that does community development work. We've largely punched above our weight and have successfully transformed an historically ignored, tired and crumbling neighborhood of largely retired military into a community that's is a desirable place to live, open a wonderful business and visit, and one that has a strong sense of values and identity. People know who we are and what we stand for and are choosing to live this life. It's a special place.

Basically part of what I've done (in addition to projects, programming, etc. behind the scenes) is promote the total lifestyle of this community.

Earlier tonight I happened to run across what appears to be a start up marketing account ("DM us for collabs") that has captured the look of our feed and is also using our logo as theirs, with a name similar to ours. There's no website or other identifying info in their bio so I sent them a cheery hello IM, asking who they are. (I can't help but wonder if I know them.)

We have never trademarked our logo because we've never had the resources and part of me is glad that the area is blossoming out of our hands and into the larger community. I can't, however, have people confused about this account's relationship to us because there is none.

I'm going to try to get a meeting with them to see if we can help one another, while also getting them to stop using our logo.

Any thoughts on this or how to go about it are greatly appreciated. (I frankly prefer a collaborative and gentle approach as opposed to a legal one, as I feel this is more on brand for us.)

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