Ontario/Canada Only – Any Hiring/Fundraising Grants that you know of?

Hello non-profit hive-mind!

I hope this is allowed…

We hired on a fundraiser/marketing employee through Canada Summer Jobs earlier this year. She's been a superstar and we'd really love to retain her, but the position is more of a 'luxury' than anything for an organization of our size (around 30 employees), so we're not sure if we can get approval from the board/find it in our budget to keep her on past the funding period for her current contract. Especially with no clear ROI on her fundraising efforts, as a lot of her role so far had been helping another staff member create more robust fundraising infrastructure, which has yet to be tested.

Grant-seeking isn't really something anyone has a dedicated role to handle (we've only got 4 office staff, plus the person we'd like to hold onto), so I figured I'd drop a line here on the off-chance anyone has a lead on grants, before I spend many hours googling.


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