Nonprofit Worker Seeking Advice

Hello Everyone I hope you are all doing well ! I’m in need of some assistance . I’m currently hosting a self care event for my job which is a nonprofit company .

This event is for all people that enjoy wellness . There will be yoga and meditation sessions facilitated , facials , massages , breakfast, lunch and much more . I am trying to make this the greatest event this can be so I thought to reach out for some insight or help

Since this is a non-profit company I am wondering where in NYC would be a great place to ask for donations, we have already gotten some however I also need some additional items donated , like scrubbers , toothbrushes , natural soap and/or even additional food for the event .

If you know any resources please point me to them , if you are interested in knowing more please message me and I am more then happy to provide extra details .

All donations are tax-deductible, and itemized receipts are available upon request. If needed, I can send more information by email and/or schedule a time to speak.

All The Best Everyone

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