New CEO problems – advice?

I applied for a CEO position at a financially struggling nonprofit with a cause I love. I have raised millions for other agencies prior to applying for this job and have a programmatic background in the nonprofit’s mission along have 20 years in nonprofits. I have supervised staff, managed volunteers, raised a lot of money and conducted workshops and program evaluations.

I didn’t get an interview. I loved the org so much that I applied for the Chief Financial Officer position. I got it and threw myself into the work thanks to an interim director who hired me. FYI The board hired a firm to get them a CEO and when I said to a board member I had applied for the CEO role I was told I wasn’t a fit and to never speak of it again. I was sorry I upset the board member and I thought I worked very well with her for the following few months.

They then hire a CEO. This person has no fundraising experience. Since they joined, I am told my board reports are unacceptable, Staff and board members berate me for my work (none have fundraising experience), my ceo applies for funding with program staff without telling me or asking me to help and he cancels development meetings with me.

I wanted to do a great job for this cause but I am not sure what is going on or what to do. Thoughts?

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