Need help with job title.

Hi everyone. I’m mid-career (19 years of experience). I have worked as a consultant for many years and have gone as high as a managing editor in corporate America. I’ve FINALLY been offered a nonprofit role and I’m ecstatic.

In this role, I will be splitting my time between:

  1. Researching and writing grants

  2. Managing the website, social media, blog, and some of the PR and other communications

I’m allowed to brainstorm my own job title. Any suggestions??

I have tons of communications experience, so that part isn’t entry-level at all, but the grant writing will be new for me. I did an internship in college and was given a title of “Associate Director of Development” but that was literally almost two decades ago.

I’m not sure what the most accurate (and fair) title should be for my role. Thanks for the help!

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