My ED is a terrible boss, workplace is toxic and there is no place to turn for help. Please help

I work for a community art school in the southeast. I have been a part of this place for 4 years. First as an intern, then as an instructor and now I am in marketing. We are a small staff of 10 (not including the teachers) and my workplace is toxic. My Executive Director has taken a place I used to truly love and care about to me never wanting to step foot in there again after I leave.

I will just come in with the the major grievances as I don’t want to make this post a thesis statement. A couple weeks ago it was Trans Day of Visibility. I made a social media post about it and celebrating our trans students. It was up for about 2 hours before my ED called me into her office and asked me to delete it. I have a trans kid so this was going to be a breaking point but she called me back into her office and told me to repost it with something “more meaningful” her whole reason for not wanting me to post it was bc the day before I made a silly post celebrating “National Pencil Day” and my ED said we “can’t celebrate everyday” which like 👍🏻 ok Last month I taught a couple classes during my normal workday as a favor to one of the studios directors. My ED knew this was happening and it was no big deal bc I’m only scheduled to work 30 hrs a week. The instructor pay is more hourly than my marketing rate, so I was happy to have the extra pay. Last Wednesday my ED called me and said I will not be getting paid for my teaching hours bc “if you teach during your normal work day that’s just part of your normal schedule” I was pissed to say the least. I had already taught like this before and been paid for it. When I told her this she said “yeah that was my mistake I should have caught it but I’m catching it now” then she told me this policy is in the employee handbook. Except the policy only applies to salaried employees, not hourly like me. When I told her this she said “well it should be for hourly as well” she fought me on this for 2 hours. I’m finally getting paid There’s so much more, from her inability to make a decision to her micromanaging dictatorship. She’s bad at her job and I know she is lying to the board. There is no email for the board. There is no HR. There is no way for me to file a complaint. She restricts access to the board members.

What do I do? She hasn’t let me implement any of my ideas to try and show what I can do. I love the school. I work for but this ED is terrible and I want someone to know the truth. Is this a lost cause? Any advice would be welcome.

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