My agency is hemorrhaging staff and CEO is not addressing it.

My agency is going through a lot of change. It started in March when the CEO took a sudden leave of absence. Come to find out she was on paid leave while the BOD did an investigation on her (for what we have no idea).

Since May, we the following staff have resigned:

CFO Senior Director (special projects) Two clinical Directors QA/QI Director Finance Director HR Director (she resigned with our having another job) Two HR generalists

The only senior staff left are the PR Director and two Program Directors. CEO was supposed to be back this past Monday did not come in until Thursday. She has yet to address any of this. Not one email in 4 months.

The lack of communication and transparency are driving staff bananas.

What do you guys think is going on? Morale is so low. No one knows who is in charge. I have never in my life seen anything like this at any previous job. 🥺

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