Moving up to individual giving role

Need some quick advice on a small issue cropping up during an interview process for a development position that is almost all meeting with individual donors. I have a solid track record and over a decade of experience working in various roles from fundraising, grants, operations, and events. I've met with plenty of donors and board members during events to speak about the mission. I have spent a lot of time interviewing clients and donors as well for marketing purposes. I have done direct phone calls with donors and foundations to try and re-engage with them and find out if we could form a relationship.

Anyway, I think all of this is a great foundation for speaking directly with individual donors at lunch or wherever, but it seems HR is a little hesitant. I've met with some staff and it seems like it would be a great fit. Has anyone run into this? Just a little frustrating because in the past I've worked with development people who walk in naming all the right names and then they're a bit of a dud. I just feel confident that I could get the job done if given the opportunity and had a great team.

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