Moving from Coordinator to Senior Officer role over time

Curious to see how many people here have gone through the progression of starting as coordinator and staying on through senior officer or above role within their organization.

My coordinator role pays a decent 55K (55-63K range so hoping for a raise at 1 year) with a good pension , decent time off (3 weeks paid, Fridays off all summer, a week between Christmas and New Years). But I am definitely looking at growing within my organization (or another)

I work in Annual Giving/Mass Market for a hospital network. I’ve seen senior philanthropy officer roles posted for salary bands of 93K – 105K and requiring 7-10 years of experience.

Im hoping that means that I can continue to grow and learn in my role and progress. Most recent performance review was all very positive.

Can I really expect to earn 40K more within that time frame? That seems like a lot for that time, but I don’t know how these things work.

Are those considered “good” salaries in this industry? I live in a major Canadian city with HCOL. Can I expect to be promoted on my org if I keep doing what I’m doing?

I like my job and team and want to earn more

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