Moving from a niche nonprofit to a hospital foundation, unsure of what to answer when asked why?

Currently working as a philanthropy coordinator with a niche nonprofit that’s mission and purpose relates to me.

Have a preliminary interview with a major hospital foundation and unsure of what to answer when asked why. My reasons for leaving and wanting to work for a larger hospital is:

Better pay

More clearly defined role and duties

More opportunity for growth

I’m unsure of what to say when asked why, other than that there is more opportunity for growth within the hospital, and at my current role, I can move to my managers role and that’s about it (and it’s not a job I would want for the pay) also, hospital foundation salary is likely $10,000 more, and my role would be more focussed whereas at a smaller company I am sort of a Jack of all trades and master of none

TIA for your help

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